EBC 2019

We would like to say a big thank you to all who met us at the EBC 2019 (European Brewery Convention). Please contact us if you would like more information about our product or its business case calculated for your specific brewery.

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SIBA supplies the brewery control system with real-time carbohydrate profiles throughout the mashing process.

This enables the brewery to act immediately and adjust process parameters for new raw materials to optimize yield, quality and processing time.

Malt is costly and large amounts are used, meaning even small reductions in waste is of large economical value, resulting in a short ROI (3-6 months) on the SIBA installation.

Horizon 2020 – Further developments

Erik Hoffmann-Petersen, CEO of Specshell comments: “The award from the European Commission is encouraging for our company and  every single employee, who has contributed to the development of Specshell from its start 5 years ago. The award and the support from the European Commission is a boost and inspiration for our company and provides the basis for the transformation of our very promising technology to a tool  enabling substantial improvements of key processes in the brewing  industry and the bioethanol industry to the benefit of product quality,  utilization of raw material end environmental footprint.”

 This project has received funding under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 854331 – Phase 1.

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Enzyme Savings & Benchmarking

Analyze your mashing process and optimize it to get out the most of your enzymes and reduce dosages.

Test enzyme brands and dosages in place, and figure out the best outcome to your brewery.

Increased RDF by Adjusting Mashing to Gelatinization Properties

Malt gelatinization highly varies depending on the type, quality, seasonal fluctuations and even batch heterogeneity, causing changes in final wort parameters. Routinely use of the SIBA technology in several industrial breweries has shown huge potential in adjusting the mashing temperature scheme to meet malt gelatinization properties

Optimize the use of adjunct in brewing

By monitoring the mashing performance SIBA have helped to increase the adjunct ratio in the main brand at a brewery with no negative effect to the quality. The case showed annual saving of € 450.000 (1M hL brewery)

Quality Control of Malts

SIBA has warned brewers in Europe about trouble malts and raw material quality fluctuations, e.g. caused by draught stress. As a QC tool, SIBA ensures that the brewery continuously operates optimal.

Fermentability withing Specs

The mashing process is all about finding the right temperature balance for extract formation due to starch gelatinization and the enzyme activity happening during saccharification rest. Malt and process fluctuations will highly influence the RDF of your wort challenging the daily process of brewing.