Digitalize your brewery for 24/7 process control

Daily optimal brewhouse performance is demanding, with limited process data available for optimization and only overdue reaction time. Connect SIBA for stand-alone brewing process insight and instant production control.

By installing SIBA on the mash tun, the technology will enable the brewer meaningful information to have a not only greater management over the brewhouse, but also address the overcome raw material and fermentation related issues.

Exposing Malt Quality through In-line Gelatinization Temperature

Starch gelatinization is a key parameter for the extract formation during mashing, and the recent unusual malt gelatinization behavior is severely affecting the daily brewhouse performance. When non-optimal process temperatures are applied during mashing, the brewers will struggle with unexpected attenuation problems and filtration issues.

Quality Control Gelatinization Temperature.

SIBA is aiding brewers to overcome these issues by enabling digital Quality Control of malt gelatinization properties directly in the mash-tun. Connect SIBA for an automated quality tracking and control malt fluctuation related brewery matters.

From black-box to optimized mashing

Brewers are daily challenged by getting the most out of raw materials for an efficient mashing process and optimal brewhouse performance. Instant process data is crucial for this matter, which is limited to the brewer without the correct in-line technology.

Measure in-line extract formation, carbohydrate profile and enzyme activity with SIBA for an optimal mashing process performance.

The SIBA technology is automatically helping the brewer to optimize mashing and achieve daily brewhouse goals. Connect SIBA to reduce mashing time, cut down grain bills and save in the use of enzymes.

Improved Fermentability

Mashing performance will directly have an influence on wort RDF, being affected by extract formation and malt enzymatic activity.

Adjust the mashing process based on SIBA in-line data for an improved RDF and higher alcohol yields.

Automatically track the process and get in control before fermentability tests.