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Specshell is an engineering company, that provides innovative products and services for bioprocess industries, in order to develop a more efficient and sustainable production. 



Specshell founders start the research and development of the first prototypes adapted to the industrial environment at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Foundation of Specshell. Specshell receives funding from the Danish Market Development Fund. The first patent covering the overall innovation of the technology is filed. First pilot version of SIBA is developed, followed by the validation of the technology in a brewery set-up.


Long term tests are conducted in industrial breweries in Europe, America and Africa, after the development of further features on the technology.


SIBA’s commercial production takes off, together with the first purchases and the permanent installation of the product in several breweries around the world.


Specshell is granted funding of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under the European Government for the development of further features for the Brewing industry and to adapt the technology for other starch-based industries.


Specshell is granted funding of the Innobooster for the Intelligent Brewing project under the Innovationsfonden. This allowed Specshell to develop new software technologies to fully automate the data analysis and integration of SIBA with the brewhouse, ensuring a continuous recipe and process optimization in the brewery.


Zymon is commercially launched for the bioethanol industry with the first purchases and the installations in several bioethanol plant around the world.


Specshell has officially set foot on the United States, by establishing Specshell Inc. and opening a new office in Chicago. 


Tempovej 14, Ballerup, Capital Region 2750, Denmark

875 N Michigan Ave, Suite 3950, Chicago, Illinois 60611, United States