Intelligent brewing

Intelligent brewing

Specshell ready to give a boost to breweries worldwide through intelligent brewing.

Even though in quarantine, our CEO Erik Hoffmann and CTO Andreas Jonas Kunov-Kruse were excited to celebrate that the Intelligent Brewing project has been approved under the Innovationsfonden program. This will support Specshell with a grant to develop new software technologies to fully automate the data analysis and integration of SIBA with the brewhouse. The project will ensure a continuous recipe and process optimization in the brewhouse, directly responding to the needs from current and future clients in the brewing world.





Specshell is now (remotely) working towards the next self-driving brewhouse technology, making the way from digitalized to intelligent breweries. Let’s all keep working, but in a social distancing manner for the moment.

Specshell contributing to the Spanish beer

Specshell contributing to the increasing Spanish beer market

Spain has shown itself to be a beer drinking country in 2018 after surpassing 40 MhL of beer consumed, becoming the third largest beer consuming country in Europe based on the Socioeconomic Report of Brewers of Spain.

Spanish brewers worked hard to meet consumer needs by increasing production by 2.2% compared to the previous year, brewing a record breaking 38.41 MhL.

To ensure the foreseen 2020 demand, a top performing Spanish brewery has now been equipped with SIBA. Based on the live inline mashing data analyzed by SIBA, the brewers can now improve the annual productivity by reducing the main brand’s mashing time with data certainty.

The mashing digitalization with SIBA will allow the brewery to fulfill the 2020 production goals without any major brewhouse changes.

5 years of Specshell

5 years of Specshell

Enthusiastic and thrilled, 5 years ago a very special team got together to found Spechsell ApS.

Today the four founders are happy to look back on the major steps that has made it possible for Specshell to be the exciting and fun company to be working at, that it is today:

2014 – Financing: MMF, Otto Bruun, Alex Foss Industrifond.

2016 – International Development: Specshell Inline Brewing Analyzer (SIBA) technology developed and tested in several international industrial breweries to optimize and quality control their production process.

2017 – Production: Expansion of operations and facilities to begin producing SIBA units.

2018 – Commercialization: SIBA technology permanently installed at several large international breweries.

2019 – Novel Developments: Horizon 2020 funding will make it possible to further develop the technology towards fermentation and bioethanol processes.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone making it possible for this to happen!

Horizon 2020

Good news for Breweries and for the Bioethanol industry!

Specshell is proud to announce that the company has today succeeded through the final phase of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the European Comission, to fund the company's Horizon 2020 project: “Bringing automated real-time process control into starch based industries”.

Erik Hoffman-Petersen, CEO and Co-founder of Specshell:

“After the successful introduction of our SIBA - Specshell Inline Brewing Analyzer - in multiple international breweries, the Horizon 2020 project will expand the market opportunity for in-line process control in Breweries and the Bioethanol Industry. It will enable these industries to shift from manual to fully in-line monitored and controlled processes by providing a tool for substantial raw material savings, yield improvements and reduction of environmental footprint”.

The Horizon 2020 project will be finished in 2021, but the individual plants targeted as test sites will benefit from the early results of the development already in 2020.