Improved Fermentability

Raw material quality and process performance severely affects the fermentability og the wort, but it is not until several days after the wort is sent to fermentation that the brewer will be able to notice problems. Enzymatic solutions can aid the brewer to get back into specifications, but they are expensive and not usually regarded as a solution in every recipe.

Increased RDF

Optimize your process to improve wort fermentability and be within specification.


The mashing process is all about finding the right temperature balance for extract formation due to starch gelatinization and the enzyme activity happening during saccharification rest. When the process temperature is correctly adjusted, the RDF of the wort is considerably improved yielding in more alcohol after fermentation.


Improve wort RDF and Quality Control fermentability with SIBA to meet fermentation specifications.


SIBA data is directly related to RDF, otherwise obtained by the lab, to help the brewer tune the process temperature instantly and improve RDF of the wort, enabling fast reaction time and providing operational flexibility on a daily basis.