From black-box to optimized mashing

Tight profit margins are daily challenging the brewer to an optimal brewhouse performance. Getting the most out of raw materials, from malt to enzymes, and having an efficient mashing process is crucial to the brewhouse operations.

The raw material quality fluctuations and the limited instant process data available seriously affect the day-to-day management by the brewer. Connect SIBA for an enlightened brewing process and overcome brewhouse challenges.

Enzyme Savings

Reduce the use of enzymes by boosting enzyme performance.


Exogenous enzymes are sometime needed in specific recipes, but using them is an added raw material cost.  Choosing the correct supplier that gives you most value for money is tricky without proper data.


Real customer cases has shown that the brewer can save up to 30% in enzymes by simply boosting the performance with SIBA.


SIBA allows you to get straight answers by exposing the true enzyme performance directly in the mash tun – in real-time. Automatically assess and quantify real activity of the commercial enzymes directly in the process. This may allow for optimizing dosages and benchmark the enzymes used in the recipes.

Adjunct Increase

Achieve savings in the grain bill by optimizing adjunct ratio with no negative effect on quality.


The malt and adjunct ratio will greatly influence the extract formation rate and enzyme activity during the mashing process, limiting the brewers to the use of safer adjunct ratios.


SIBA has allowed brewers to increase the adjunct ratio by up to 15% in their recipes without compromising the RDF of the wort.


SIBA offers a thorough comprehension of real-time extract formation and enzyme activity during the mashing process. The automatic tracking by SIBA allows the brewer to optimize adjunct ratios by determining the optimal saccharification temperature for specific recipes, without affecting wort quality and fermentability.

Time Saving

Increase mash tun capacity by shortening the recipe mashing duration.


Extract formation and enzyme activity are crucial to the mashing process, currently not available to the brewer without extensive amounts of labor intense laboratory work.


Go digital with SIBA and forget about iodine-test. Real-time monitoring with SIBA increased brewhouse capacity by 25% at some of our clients.


By connecting SIBA to the mash-tun the brewer can now follow extract formation and starch conversion automatically. Digital tracking of the enzyme activity will thereby giving a new insight to the saccharification process, enabling the brewer to eliminate inefficient periods and overcome bottleneck problems during mashing.